Dec 10 2020
Webinar / Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

Introducing Filene's Newest Research Fellow Dr. Mai Nguyen and the Community Social Impact Center of Excellence


Current public health, economic and social injustice crises further demonstrate that financial services are indispensable community partners, and credit unions are positioned to be leaders in the national conversation about financial well-being and equality.

Filene’s newest research fellow, Dr. Mai Nguyen will introduce the Center of Excellence for Community Social Impact. Dr. Nguyen explains how the Center will expand knowledge on the practice and impact of credit union’s social and community development efforts through original and applied research, and enable credit unions with insights and resources needed to develop strategic advantages in the communities they serve and drive transformative community change.

Taylor C. Nelms
Taylor C. Nelms
Senior Director, Research
Filene Research Institute
Mai Thi Nguyen
Mai Thi Nguyen
Director, The Design Lab
University of California San Diego
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