War for Talent Insights

A fundamental shift is happening in working conditions and worker expectations across the country. Attracting and retaining top talent, implementing a strategic human capital management approach to HR, and updating your board are the top three topics that former Filene Fellow Dr. Sekou Bermiss curated from his work as the thought leader of Filene’s Center of Excellence for War for Talent. Taken together, this collection of top insights can be used to help credit union leaders win the increasingly competitive and uncertain war for talent.

In the following three sections, find insights for understanding how credit unions can differentiate themselves to better attract and retain staff, how a strategic approach to people analytics can lay the groundwork for success, and how to upgrade your board’s capacity to address the needs of the future.

War for Talent Insights

Attract + Retain

Attract and retain top talent, including young professionals.

Identify the key drivers for talent attraction and retention strategies, including improved financial well-being for staff and emphasizing your credit union’s mission.

Review insights from Dr. Sekou Bermiss and related tools that will help you build and maintain a strong team.

Human Capital

Develop your “people analytics” capabilities to improve HR operations and impact.

Strategic human capital management offers a new HR model that can elevate your game with a clear strategy that leverages data-driven insights.

Review the recommended approach by Dr. Sekou Bermiss and related research and tools that drive this new approach to HR.

Board of Directors

Your board of directors can make or break the success of your credit union.

Improving board composition, evaluation, and governance helps ensure your credit union sets the right strategy for sustainable growth and responds effectively to unexpected challenges.

Review insights from research and related tools that will guide your board upgrade for the needs of the future.

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