Section 3: Board of Directors

A reliable board of directors is essential to a successful credit union. But credit unions also need their boards to offer creative and strategic guidance that pushes leaders beyond their comfort zone. Rely on the research-based recommendations below for improving your board’s composition, recruitment, evaluation, and governance, and help your credit union leverage more from your board.

Research Insights

Formalizing the Art of Board Composition
Use these recommendations to improve your board composition, including formalizing recruitment and evaluation to help leverage more from your boards of directors.

Entrenched or Energetic? Improving Credit Union Board Renewal
Establish a formal process for Board renewal using key steps identified from survey responses with credit union leaders.

Crisis Management and Remote Work for Credit Union Boards
Use these four recommendations ensure your Board works diligently to understand what members need–financially and otherwise–to get through this crisis and thrive once it’s over.

Tracking the Relationship Between Credit Union Governance and Performance
Improve your credit union board practices to create a positive relationship between good governance and good financial performance.

Actionable Tools

Formalizing the Art of Board Composition
Bring the conversation on how to optimize your board composition directly to your Board of Directors with this discussion guide and video series.

Remote Work in a New World: Business as Unusual
Review webinar materials for insights on how to smoothly transition everyone at your credit union to a remote or hybrid work environment.

A Conversation on One Credit Union's Journey to Board Realignment and Renewal
Listen to a discussion on the experience of Seattle Credit Union's journey to realign the credit union's mission and board of directors.

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