Section 2: Strategic Human Capital Management

From the C-suite to frontline staff, identifying and implementing strategic human capital management can help credit unions win the war for talent. Leverage your internal credit union data to help make human resource decisions and guide strategy. These techniques help contribute to better-informed human capital management and grows employee satisfaction. Draw from the insights and tools below and transform your credit union into a learning organization that fosters high-performing staff.

Research Insights

Drop Your Tools! Shifting Battle Tactics in Times of Uncertainty
Draw on lessons from the Mann Gulch Disaster to help your leaders respond to uncertain times and the changing nature of work.

Trauma-Informed Services for Credit Union Employees, Part 1
Explore evidence-based practices to equip your leadership to better address the mental health needs and foster trauma-informed support for your employees.

Trauma-Informed Services for Credit Union Employees, Part 2
Dive into key challenges identified by credit union leaders to help you identify next steps for trauma-informed employee policies and practices.

Workplace Design as a Strategic Human Capital Management Tool, Part 1
Plan your current workspace and future construction with these six key takeaways to help your employee recruitment, productivity, and retention.

Workplace Design as a Strategic Human Capital Management Tool, Part 2
Explore how workspace variety affects employee satisfaction and productivity, and how workplace design can be an important weapon in the war for talent.

Actionable Tools

Guide to Experimentation
Run your own experiments and establish a culture of experimentation across your organization and use those tests to support decision-making.

Trauma-Informed Services for Credit Union Employees Workshop
Build a trauma-informed strategy based on the needs of your team to effectively manage and implement a safe and productive workplace.

Growing Pains: Optimizing Human Capital Strategies in an Uncertain Environment
Grow your organization and build your human capital by developing a culture that is a learning organization.

Leadership During Uncertain Times
Use these insights from our esteemed Fellows on how to lead through uncertain times.

Managing Remote Work at Your Credit Union
Incorporate these six strategies to help manage your staff effectively no matter the work environment so they have what they need to adapt to new workflows, foster virtual connections and help advance your mission.

Building for Talent
Learn from one credit union on how they are designing high-quality work environments to attract and retain their employees.

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