Section 1: Member Experience

Want to be best in class? Achieving that level of focus and execution requires making tradeoffs. Firms that attempt to be all things to all customers inevitably end up providing mediocre service across the board. The key is to first identify what is most valuable to your focus members and over-investing in those elements by under-investing in the things that don’t matter as much to members. This approach simplifies organizational goals and makes it easier to align and focus your staff on what truly matters.

Research Insights

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 1
Explore two effective strategies from Filene Fellow Dennis Campbell's research series on member experience and service excellence.

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 2
Understand how your credit union can make use of member experience data and focus on member compatibility to improve member satisfaction and gain higher asset growth.

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 3
Learn directly from credit union leaders on their efforts to distinguish themselves from their competition and strategies for improving your own member experience.

Actionable Tools

Enhance The Member Experience Workshop
Utilize this workshop guide to help your credit union define the experience it wants to deliver to members.

Identify Your Target Member and Align Member-Organizational Compatibility Workshop
Make better-informed choices to improve member compatibility by identifying your target member and match those members with the most compatible offerings using this workshop guide.

Filene Fill-In Ep. 60: Competing and Winning on MX with Dennis Campbell
Listen to Dennis Campbell's live keynote session on how to compete and win on member experience from Filene's research event, Inside Out and Outside In.

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