Section 1: Attract + Retain Talent

Finding and attracting top talent—and keeping those already on your team—may be the most important factors contributing to the success of your credit union. Even the best strategy or snazzy mobile app won’t go far without dedicated staff who bring the skills and commitment to execute and deliver impact every day. As credit unions navigate an increasingly tight job market and pandemic-related headwinds, turning to evidence-based insights and tools can help you take the right steps in building strong and effective teams across your credit union.

Research Insights

Employee Attraction and Retention in the Shadow of COVID-19
Address pandemic-related shifts and better position your credit union for a post-pandemic future to attract and retain top talent in the midst of COVID-19.

The Case for Workplace Financial Well-being
Financial stress will undermine your employees’ job performance, leading to absenteeism, negatively impacting cognitive ability, productivity, and physical health—all of which lead to clear business costs.

Winning by Losing
Investigate the potential benefits of employee turnover and use that turnover to your advantage.

Diving Headfirst into the (Applicant) Pool
Use your own credit union's HR data to generate potential applicants and identify various factors that result in hiring and retaining superior employees.

The Laws of Attraction
Improve the quality and quantity of applicants by adopting key attraction and recruiting strategies.

Actionable Tools

Laws of Attraction Checklist
Improve recruitment and begin to attract better applicants to your organization using this checklist.

Cost of Financial Distractions Calculator
Support your employees' financial well-being by understanding the impact of financial stress.

Filene Fill-In Ep. 41: Diving Headfirst Into the (Applicant) Pool
We’ve boiled down the key insights from the research “Diving Headfirst into the Applicant Pool: How Employee Attraction Impacts Employee Retention” into this special episode of the Filene Fill-In.

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