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The Practice of Open-Book Management in Credit Unions

The Practice of Open-Book Management in Credit Unions

Following on the heels of the just-released Filene report The Power of Engagement through Open-Book Management, this report explores the big picture of how open-book management is used in credit unions today. Filene conducted a survey of credit union CEOs and managers to assess the extent to which they were using OBM practices in their organizations. Read the report to get the full picture.

Take our quiz on open-book management to see where your organization falls in terms of its use of open-book management principles.

Want more? Join us for our June 14th research colloquium focusing on open-book management for credit unions! This event is free for Filene members!

Filene thanks its generous supporters for helping to make this research possible.



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Tagged: 'open-book management' 'organizational entrepreneurship' 'customer centric'

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