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The Power of Engagement Through Open-Book Management

The Power of Engagement Through Open-Book Management

Based on three principles: transparency, trust and fair treatment, open-book management engages with employees and gets them to think and act like owners, creating a culture of employee ownership in credit unions. This research is the first of three reports from Filene’s Center for Organizational Entrepreneurship exploring the value and relevance of open-book management for credit unions.

Filene Fill-In Podcast:

Listen to how open-book management is uniquely well-suited to help credit unions grow and sustain growth. Filene’s Marketing and Communications Director, Holly Fearing, sits down with Dennis Campbell, Filene Fellow and Dwight P. Robinson Jr. Professor at Harvard Business School, to discuss the ins-and-outs of open-book management for credit unions. 

Want more? Join us for our June 14th research colloquium focusing on open-book management for credit unions! This event is free for Filene members!

Filene thanks its generous supporters for helping to make this research possible.



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