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Key Findings: Blueprints for Innovation (Fall 2012)

Key Findings: Blueprints for Innovation (Fall 2012)

Ideas can come from anywhere, but it is more interesting to see where ideas are going. In this round of i3 we present seven new concepts for your credit union—five of which have the potential for full market implementation in the near future. Typically, an i3 concept has a 15 percent chance of making it past the initial idea phase, so what accounts for a 70 percent hit rate this cycle?

While talent certainly has something to do with it, we believe a great deal of the recent success lies in the Filene Innovation Method. This method, which is still being refined, is a deliberate cycle of activities and outputs that drives i3’ers to deliver a tested product after just six months of work.

The ideas that follow are some of the strongest we've seen in quite a while:

  • eBrochure: Bring marketing into the twenty-first century.
  • HomeTrak: Zero in on the real cost of home ownership.
  • Learn & Earn: A mobile app to learn more, earn more.
  • PROXIMI: Virtual reality online banking.
  • REOUT: A landing spot for your real estate owned homes.
  • RepairPal: Car care confidence for consumers and credit unions.
  • Senior Sentry: Protecting the financial assets of seniors.

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