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Factors Contributing to Credit Union Asset Growth, 1979-2016

Factors Contributing to Credit Union Asset Growth, 1979-2016

In what is sure to be a landmark publication for credit unions, 35 years of NCUA data are leveraged to bring into view key drivers that positively correlate with higher rates of credit union asset growth. As the dynamics for growth vary depending on scale and resources available to credit unions, this research identifies key factors among five separate asset ranges to provide relevance and context for credit unions of all sizes.

In concert with this publication, Filene created a comparative graph generator using NCUA data, where you are invited to generate a report comparing your individual credit union's historical performance in several key areas.

Enter your charter number or credit union name to generate your report:


This customized report will help you:

  • Compare asset growth rates with like-sized credit unions
  • Compare interest rate advantage relative to banks
  • Compare marketing investment as percentage of assets
  • Visualize how marketing investment impacts asset growth

Filene thanks its generous sponsors for helping to make this research possible.

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