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Confidence in Borrowing Spring 2018

Confidence in Borrowing Spring 2018

Filene's annual report on consumers' confidence in borrowing relies on recurring national surveys to measure consumers' attitudes about debt and borrowing. This latest survey indicates that consumer confidence remains relatively constant since the previous survey. However, this year's analysis reveals new patterns indicating that consumers take out certain types of loans that can be grouped into four categories. This information could prove useful for credit unions as they create support tools and services for their indebted members.

In concert with the release of this report, we provide you with two documents: the original survey questions and data set used for this research. We invite you to download the two files and explore the data and find relevance to questions you may have about confidence in borrowing! Also find these two documents under RESOURCES in the column to the right. 

Filene thanks its sponsor for helping to make this research possible.

Categorized: 'Human Behavior'

Tagged: 'consumer borrowing' 'survey results' 'consumer debt'

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