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Beyond Engagement: Social Media Drives Business Results

Beyond Engagement: Social Media Drives Business Results

It’s essential for organizations, including credit unions, to not only maintain a consistent presence on social media networks, but also to create an effective social media strategy so they stay relevant in today’s competitive business environment. Many potential new members and new hires will not even consider a credit union that doesn’t have a consistent presence and a defined social media strategy.

The Filene-QUEsocial pilot project allowed credit unions to leverage employees who use QUEsocial’s social business portal to share credit union related content, recruit new employees, and promote sales. The portal was designed to engage employees in their credit union’s social activity, grow the credit union’s online presence, and drive business results through the proper use of social media.

The pilot demonstrated that credit union employees are capable of spreading credit union awareness and generating “business wins” through their personal social networks. A number of credit union participants found success in the pilot by following these best practices:

  • Growing their social networks
  • Posting frequently
  • Using training resources to understand the differences between social networks and utilizing them optimally
  • Engaging with content

This report overviews the QUEsocial pilot, interprets the results, and shares recommendations for credit unions looking to improve and leverage their social media presence and strategies.

Interested in learning more about QUEsocial? Click here.

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Great article! Communication is one of the most important aspects of any organization throughout the world.  Building up these communication channels within the organization and throughout the networks of the employees and members will allow a very clear message.  However, the Credit Union must establish a strong core message in order to project a consistent message.  If employees are not on the same page, more communication through social media will only create more confusion instead of establishing a consistent message for all.  Being consistent and clear in the “community” of social media will be essential as more of the member-base of credit unions becomes a generation who is very comfortable with using the internet for most aspects of their daily life.

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