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America’s Got Talent: Attracting It is the Challenge

America’s Got Talent: Attracting It is the Challenge

In an effort to address the challenge of attracting and retaining talented employees, Filene hosted a day-long colloquium dedicated to sharing new insights and best practices for credit unions' efforts in talent attraction. This report summarizes presentations on the following:

  • Developing your credit union's brand story and using it to your competitive advantage,
  • The value of recruiting vs. waiting for job seekers,
  • Insights on recruitment strategies from the NFL, and
  • Using employee turnover to your advantage in attracting more and better talent. 

Filene thanks its generous sponsors for helping to make this research possible.

Categorized: 'Events' 'Human Behavior' 'Strategy'

Tagged: 'talent attraction' 'human resources' 'attracting and retaining young employees' 'credit union employees'

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