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Innovations in the Payment Ecosystem

Innovations in the Payment Ecosystem

Your business model is in jeopardy. The culprit: the payment ecosystem. This research brief examines the broad issues impacting the future of payments and the direction innovation is likely to take.


In the short term, the regulatory environment governing the payment ecosystem will have a sharper and more dramatic impact on credit unions; however, longer-term trends have the potential to alter your business model more dramatically over the next decade. This brief, therefore, aims to:

  • Make sense of critical payment trends.
  • Identify opportunities for profiting from future innovation.

This research brief summarizes work conducted by David Evans, PhD, a leading voice and researcher within the payments systems industry. Generous financial support was furnished by MEMBERS Development Company (MDC), a credit union service organization.

In addition to the formal Filene research brief, Evans and MDC have generously donated a variety of important information sources to help guide you on this topic in the “related materials” section on the right hand side of this page:

  • A technical presentation delivered by David Evans to MDC’s owners last year
  • Two detailed articles authored by David Evans and colleagues on critical trends in payments
  • A news feed from PYMNTS (see below), the premiere information resource in the payments industry.

With so much going on in the payments space we want to provide you with a host of resource to help you navigate this critical topic.

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