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Custom Research

Dive in deeper. While the Filene Research Institute team works diligently to research topics that address a broad cross-section of the industry’s most critical concerns, many credit unions have also benefited from custom research programs.

Here are just a few recent Filene custom research projects:

  • Developed a product strategy to help a $2 billion credit union grow their mortgage business.
  • Analyzed global regulatory trends and presented our findings to a $3 billion credit union’s senior management and board.
  • Helped a state credit union league develop more effective, large- scale outreach efforts.
  • Crafted a statewide policy proposal to minimize the foreclosure crisis for a state credit union league.
  • Developed young adult outreach programs—both at the state league and for a $750 million credit union’s marketing and business development team.
  • Created a product lifecycle strategy for a $350 million credit union.
  • Recommended a course of action on a regional, multi-credit union TIP charter merger for a $45 million credit union.

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