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Organizational Entrepreneurship

Center for Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Cooperative strategies for sustained competitive advantage and business model innovation.

Organizational Entrepreneurship

Popular business history is littered with the bones of companies that became extinct for reasons only obvious in hindsight. Kodak failed to capitalize on the digital technology that it invented in the 1970s. The credit unions' challenge to stay current in a shifting financial industry is not so different.

Innovation alone is not enough to keep an organization on the road to success; it must find a way to balance the tension of innovation with the stable, day-to-day demands of keeping a business productive. The ability to exploit the current business and also explore options for the future is called organizational ambidexterity.

Gain insights on how your organization can become more resilient with the latest report from Dennis Campbell and Luis Dopico, Structures for Innovation.

Filene Fellow

Organizational Entrepreneurship

Dennis Campbell

Dwight P. Robinson, Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Dennis is an internationally recognized expert on the design of organizations and management systems for more effective strategy execution. His research, teaching, and case writing focus on designing and integrating organizational structures, performance measurement, and incentive systems to foster empowerment, mitigate risk, and enable organizational learning and long-term value creation.

Center Host

Harvard University Employees Credit Union

Research Council

Leo Ardine, United Teletech Financial FCU
Laura Campbell, Farmers Insurance Group FCU
Dave Brydun, BCU
Tiffany Ford, University of Michigan FCU
Sean Gaven, American Airlines CU
Kevin Johnson, Suncoast CU
John Pembroke, CUES
Eileen Rivera, SkyOne FCU
Annette Revet, Conexus CU
Dean Young, PSCU



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The Center for Organizational Entrepreneurship is just one of five Centers of Excellence Filene Research Institute is launching through 2017. Designed to meet the changing needs of credit unions and their members, Filene’s Research Centers explore topics critical to the future of consumer finance.