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Everything we do starts with research. At Filene Research Institute, we’re driven to learn what makes credit unions tick. And what could make them tick even better. We spend our days—and sometimes our nights—connecting with leaders from credit unions, academia, public policy, business, and technology to deliver the world’s best thinking and tools to stay competitive for credit unions and cooperative finance.

Latest Publications

Consumer Insights on Autonomous Vehicles as an Impending Market Disruption

Rising consumer ambivalence toward vehicle ownership and the rapid pace of technological advances are converging to bring new opportunities and convenience to consumers' transportation options. This report explores changing consumer perceptions about vehicle ownership and autonomous vehicles and provides key insights for credit unions to consider when they adapt, pivot,...

Credit Unions’ Acquisitions of Banks and Thrifts

Recently a large number of credit unions acquiring banks and have found this a timely strategy for increasing economies of scope and scale. This report examines this practice with interviews with acquiring credit unions' CEOs and a CAMEL analysis of the financial institutions prior to, and following acquisitions.  In association...

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Research Council

The Filene Research Council is a distinguished group of credit union executives who individually and collectively play integral roles in the continued advancement of the credit union movement.

Featured Publication

Generational Money Chatter

As there are currently four generations of credit union members, each with its own, unique attitudes and emotions, it is no longer adequate to assume that one or two voices on financial issues sufficiently represents all consumers. This report provides research-based insights on how each generation views money and finances,...

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