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Everything we do starts with research. At Filene Research Institute, we’re driven to learn what makes credit unions tick. And what could make them tick even better. We spend our days—and sometimes our nights—connecting with leaders from credit unions, academia, public policy, business, and technology to deliver the world’s best thinking and tools to stay competitive for credit unions and cooperative finance.

Latest Publications

Beyond Personal Lending

Data analytics and machine-learning techniques are revolutionizing how lenders make pricing and underwriting decisions. Credit unions have a unique opportunity to leverage this power in support of the "member first" philosophy. This report takes a closer look at how artificial intelligence and algorithmic underwriting can inform credit union lending strategies....

Scaling Up Excellence

Spreading excellence across an organization is a key step toward effective scaling, and scaling is increasingly vital to credit unions’ sustainability and success. Using expert tips and concepts from Sutton and Rao’s book Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling For Less, this report approaches these ideas from a...

Structures for Innovation

Where does your organization fall on the exploit-explore spectrum? A key take-away from Structures for Innovation is that successful organizations balance explore-type activities, such as innovating, and exploit-type activities, such as efficient operating practices. But understanding how well your organization balances these two crucial activities is challenging. We’ve created the...

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Research Council

The Filene Research Council is a distinguished group of credit union executives who individually and collectively play integral roles in the continued advancement of the credit union movement.

Featured Publication

Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program

The Domestic Violence Recovery (DVR) Loan Program was designed to provide survivors of abuse with an affordable option for removing financial barriers to safety and/or rebuilding after an abusive relationship. This report details the development and initial findings from the implementation of the DVR Loan program from May 2014 through...

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