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Vertex (Virtual Coaching)

Your people are your future. Cultivate mid-level managers through improved sales and service levels, reduced mistakes, and increased employee accountability. This year-long program is more customized and affordable than sending a manager away to a week-long management training program.

The Vertex program will develop managers who have the ability to improve employee performance thus creating greater profitability. Improved sales and service levels, reduced mistakes, and increased employee accountability for performance will provide a rapid and significant payback on the investment. For less than the cost of sending a manager to a week-long management training program, participants will receive a year-long customized program of development, based on each manager’s assessed needs, via 360 degree evaluations and attribute assessment.

In addition, each manager will receive unlimited one-on-one support from MNA and credit union management will receive regular extensive updates on the progress of each participant. Finally, a follow up 360 degree evaluation will be conducted to verify and validate the improvement.


Vertex Program Benefits:

Reduced Turnover. High quality employees will stay with the credit union as they will work for effective managers.

Improved earnings. Improved sales and service performance leads to increased earnings.

Improvement is rapid. Our one year program will provide immediate improvement because it is customized to the needs of the specific participant and your credit union.

Cost effective. No travel expenses, manager does not leave the credit union. Vertex allows you to make sure you have employees who are ready to be effective managers from day one.

Convenient. Vertex works around the schedule of the participant and the credit union.

Existing management schools take years to complete and the credit union can only send a limited number of managers through the program due to operating needs. Not only do existing schools take time, they provide knowledge like finance and credit union philosophy, not skills that will improve profitability, employee morale, and retention. Your credit union does not have three years for a limited number of managers to get through a program. Vertex requires no travel for your managers and can be completed during their regular working hours. This allows your entire management team to participate in the program! Additionally, the program is customized to each manager’s specific needs and is intensive, thus management improvement is rapid and significant.

Vertex Program Deliverables:

Assessment of Current Skills, Thinking Style and Performance Attributes. Using the Checkpoint 360 Degree Evaluation, MNA will deliver, to the participant and their supervisor, a comprehensive assessment of the each participant’s current management skills, attributes, strengths, and opportunities for growth. The results of the assessment will be used to work with the individual manager to develop specific strategies and action steps that will drive both immediate and long term improvement in the participant’s performance.

Assessment Debriefing and Action Plan Development. An initial one-on-one meeting with each participant via videoconference to debrief the findings of the assessment and develop a customized management development plan. Finalized action plans will be submitted to the participant’s manager to allow for internal follow up. 

Action Plan Implementation. A monthly call with each participant to review progress on their action plans, set new learning goals, and discuss and resolve challenges. Additionally, the participant has unlimited access to MNA via phone call or email to discuss management and employee performance challenges as they arise. The manager will learn by sharing and learning from real-world challenges. The credit union will receive the immediate benefit of improved employee behaviors and outcomes resulting from MNA’s seasoned guidance allowing managers making effective decisions from day one.

Accountability. MNA will conduct a quarterly phone conference with each participant’s supervisor to update progress and to allow MNA to receive feedback regarding the manager’s perspective of progress to date.

Management Training. Eight web-based training modules with participant guides for each of the key management skill areas identified as critical via our research. The participant will complete a post-test for each session to ensure understanding. The skills taught in each session will be incorporated by MNA into the management development action plans of each participant to ensure immediate application and ongoing skill development.

  • Delegation
  • Team Building
  • Motivating
  • Coaching Performance
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Effective Evaluations

Vertex Program Testimonials:

"The Vertex program has enabled me to make great strides in my personal and professional development by providing clear and understandable definitions of complex issues and challenges. This clarity has allowed me to work with my supervisor, manager, and Vertex coach to create clear, actionable goals to directly address these challenges and work towards overcoming them."
- Brian Stearns, Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union

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