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Vertex (Virtual Coaching)

Effective leadership is positively correlated with a credit union’s membership growth.

The impact of investing in growing leaders is real and tangible. It is not just a “nice to have.” This program is more customized and affordable than sending a manager away to the average management training program.

Develop Leaders Who Coach and Inspire

As credit unions become more complex, the demand for stronger leaders is real. It is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert with long tenure. Credit union executives and managers must coach, inspire, and lead. In order to build strong cultures, provide more value to our members, and develop thriving teams, people leaders need resources, guidance, and coaching to understand how best to drive positive change.  

The Vertex program offers two format choices to fit the needs of your credit union and leaders:

  • Vertex - A year-long leadership virtual coaching program that assigns a coach to each leader for one-on-one development opportunities with no out-of-office time 
  • Vertex Live - A group-based, in-person leadership coaching session hosted onsite for three days to embrace a collaborative approach to talent development 

Five Questions about Leadership Coaching

Our research demonstrates investing in leadership development has the potential to amplify credit unions’ bottom-line results.  Are you considering introducing leadership coaching at your credit union? Ask yourself the questions in this impact brief.

The more frequently you answer “yes,” the more ready your credit union is to put the research into action, and to introduce leadership coaching at your credit union.


The Vertex program will develop managers who have the ability to improve employee performance thus creating greater profitability. 

It is designed to:

  • Be flexible based on your credit union’s specific needs, including options for high potential future managers or options for all leaders across the organization.
  • Enable credit unions that have a group of participants going through Vertex at the same time to leverage the opportunity to build in internal meetings that will help foster a culture of leadership.  

Contact Us for a Customized Presentation

The Vertex program has enabled me to make great strides in my personal and professional development by providing clear and understandable definitions of complex issues and challenges. This clarity has allowed me to work with my supervisor, manager, and Vertex coach to create clear, actionable goals to directly address these challenges and work towards overcoming them."

Brian Stearns


Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union


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