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The Strategy Cycle

Carried out over the course of a year, The Strategy Cycle includes Filene-tested methodologies to help you identify strategic issues, consider those challenges in a productive way, and transfer those learnings into the strategic planning process.

We will: 

  • Educate and facilitate meaningful discussion with the board and leadership team (either together or separately)on topics relevant to your strategies that are grounded in Filene research.
  • Introduce issue-discovery methodologies leveraging Filene’s research library and experience with credit unions 
  • Provide insight and topics for further strategic discussion. 
  • Engage the board and leadership team so that strategic dialogue is not a point in time or once per year commitment, but an ongoing conversation that continually advances the aims of the organization and keeps the credit union moving with the pace of change to drive growth and member engagement.

The Strategy Cycle is different from traditional strategy meeting facilitation (although we can do that too). Our approach leverages more than 26 years of credit union research and an impressive track record of driving positive change in our industry. 

Your 12-month cycle can be completely customized, but the base level offering includes three quarterly “thinking” sessions accompanied by a one-and-a-half day strategic facilitation for the board and/or leadership team.

What are Thinking Sessions?

  • Quarterly sessions designed to stimulate thinking around strategic topics selected by the credit union 
  • Filene thought-leaders work with credit union leaders to design the format, select topics, and invite appropriate staff
  • The team will be exposed to various Filene experts along the way (chosen based on topics selected and availability) 

What is the Team Strategy Session?

A chief or director-level Filene team member builds upon the prior quarterly sessions to grow the success of the board planning session. We’ll work with you to identify topics that are most relevant to the strategic efforts of the organization and lead a facilitated discussion grounded in research and new insights. The facilitator will not only engage the audience but work to elicit feedback, input, and ultimately buy-in that leads to action. Learn more about Team Strategy Sessions from our Strategy Facilitation service.

Depending on your organization’s needs, Filene may recommend adding Innovation Immersion programming to complement this process. 

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