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The Strategy Cycle

Whether you’re looking to spruce up just one planning session or you want to give the old heave-ho to the way your organization currently does planning, Filene can help breathe some life into strategy with these options:


The Strategy Cycle

Carried out over the course of a year, The Strategy Cycle includes Filene-tested methodologies to help you identify strategic issues, consider those challenges in a productive way, and transfer those learnings into the strategic planning process.

We will: 

  • Educate and facilitate meaningful discussion with the board and leadership team (either together or separately) on topics relevant to your strategies that are grounded in Filene research.
  • Introduce issue-discovery methodologies leveraging Filene’s research library and experience with credit unions. 
  • Provide insight and topics for further strategic discussion.
  • Engage the board and leadership team so that strategic dialogue is not a point in time or once per year commitment, but an ongoing conversation that continually advances the aims of the organization and keeps the credit union moving with the pace of change to drive growth and member engagement.

The Strategy Cycle is different from traditional strategy meeting facilitation (although we can do that too). Our approach leverages nearly 30 years of credit union research and an impressive track record of driving positive change in our industry. 

Your 12-month cycle can be completely customized, but the base level offering includes:

  • Three quarterly “thinking” sessions designed to stimulate thinking around strategic topics
  • This is accompanied by a one-and-a-half day strategic facilitation for the board and/or leadership team to build upon the quarterly sessions and continue to grow success 


Strategy Facilitation

Filene’s Strategy Facilitation Program helps engage the leadership and board of directors through a facilitated discussion grounded in research, innovation and new insights.  The discussion, content, and general approach are customized for each organization. Your team will walk away with:

  • New research, education and insights grounded in consumer need
  • A host of new ideas and brain food
  • A customized approach to get your team conversing, partnering and leading for change 


Strategy Review

If you’ve got the facilitation covered, but just need a second set of eyes on your plans, we’ve got your back for that too. Our Strategy Review offering:

  • Gives the you the flexibility to host your own planning but makes sure you have expert eyes on the outcomes
  • Ensures industry expertise and new ideas are infused in your organization’s annual plan, even if we’re not there in person 


Strategy Landscape 

As a part of the Strategy Cycle, or even as its own project, Filene can help you truly visualize your plan – we call this the ‘Strategy Landscape’. Using our in-house design team, we take your strategy and turn it into a compelling story told through the medium of storyboards and images, making it accessible to everyone. With both an internal and member facing document, your strategy will come alive on paper and make sure everyone is on the same page as you strive to complete your goals. Each Strategy Landscape is completely customized to your credit union and will reflect your brand and values.

Want to learn more? Contact us at or 608.661.3740. 


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