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SavvyMoney empowers members to take control of their financial future with easy-to-understand, actionable advice about their credit. SavvyMoney's credit score solution and personal finance content is integrated into online and mobile banking. The credit score solution includes credit score, key factors that can influence it, a detailed credit report and daily credit monitoring. The credit score "Offer Engine" highlights key savings opportunities with pre-qualified offers based on a member's credit score. SavvyMoney's analytics platform allows credit union partners to analyze the credit score and loan share makeup of members and execute marketing campaigns based on that data. 

Benefits to the Credit Union 

  • Provide simple tools to assess credit health, and track credit score.
  • Deepen relationships with your members
  • Gain insight into your members’ credit wallet, and drive campaigns to increase your wallet share
  • Provide a seamless experience with online banking through single sign-on
  • Inform and educate through easy to understand financial content
  • Align with your mission to help members better manage their finances
  • Continued enhancement of credit score features, benefits, and content
  • SavvyMoney enhancements include application integration to reduce friction in application process

See an example of how American Airlines Credit Union uses SavvyMoney financial education videos to engage their members.

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