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QCash | Pilot

A Digital Lending Platform for short-term credit and small-dollar loans


There are nearly 68 million financially underserved adults in the U.S. and they account for more than $2 of every $10 spent. These consumers have little access to conventional lending products. QCash Financial was born to serve the member, offering fast, easy, affordable cash management solutions delivered by their trusted financial institution.


Filene is teaming up with QCash Financial. An omni-channel lending solution that offers relationship based underwriting (without credit check) to members in search for small, short-term unsecured loans. Led by Ben Morales, QCash Financial CEO and i3 alumni, this solution was built, designed, and tested by Washington State Employees Credit Union who has been meticulously refining this program for the last 10 years to better address this member need for a convenient alternative to other non-conventional, short-term loans.


  • Your credit union determines digital lending settings through an Administration Portal that integrates with your credit union’s core banking platform.
  • Member supplies data to the digital, cloud-based relationship-underwriting engine to determine a credit union-defined loan amount to achieve revenue objective.
  • Loan decision made in under sixty seconds.
  • Funds immediately deposited into the member’s account.



  • Offer best practices
  • Conduct research surrounding the pilot
  • Provide credit unions the opportunity to try something new with the support of Filene
  • Facilitate collaboration between participating credit unions


  • Instant funding in <60 seconds
  • No traditional credit check
  • 24/7/365 web and mobile access
  • Omni-channel convenience
  • Significantly lower rates and fees compared to payday lenders
  • Product and payment options


  • Decisions driven by member relationships, data science and analytics
  • Highly configurable platform
  • White-label flexibility
  • CFPB and CRA compliant
  • Generates new revenue from liquidity solutions members are currently getting elsewhere
  • Promotes strategies to increase membership, support mission ("people helping people"), and grow margin

My Credit union was there to help me.   

- Sophia G., WSECU member since 1996

"QCash is very convenient and helpful for me. I don't have to go to a payday store, which can embarrassing. I just go online and check my account and QCash information at the same time.

I don't have to wait, go into the branch, or fax anything. I just get my loan. I like that it costs less, and WSECU allows me to repay over 2 months.

I went through a hard time, but I trust my credit union because they were there to help me."

"My credit union changed my life.” 

That's what WSECU member, Linda H., recently shared with her long-time credit union. Here's her story told by a WSECU employee

Linda came in wanting to know how much she owed on her QCash loan. She went on to describe how amazing our QCash loans are, how fast and reasonable the interest rate is.  We informed her that she could take-out an additional QCash loan for a total of $700.  The member was beside herself!  She then described her living situation.  Linda was getting sick from the mold growing in her apartment.  Repeated discussions with the landlord were useless, and she couldn’t afford the cost of moving.

Linda applied for her QCash loan and moments later the funds appeared in her account. She was almost in tears.  She and her 4 kids had been members for 35 years.  Linda exclaimed how much she loved her credit union, and how QCash Plus gave her hope and needed resources to break-free to find a better place.  She came back later to tell everyone, “THANK YOU!” from the bottom of my heart.  My credit union changed my life.” 

Want to learn more?

Please contact Erin Coleman at 727.742.3196.