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It’s A Money Thing

Pilot Results Show Clever Financial Education Content Increases Engagement

About 30% of credit unions offer personal finance management tools connected to checking accounts to help with budgeting, and some also have financial literacy microsites.

The problem is not a shortage of financial literacy content. Getting people’s attention and turning that attention into action is where the challenge lies for many credit unions.

Our Hypotheses

Filene and Currency Marketing teamed up to test a hypotheses using the It’s a Money Thing program:

If we make high-quality financial literacy content clever, concise, and easily accessible, will it be adopted?

Pilot Results

  • The 10 reporting credit unions in the pilot increased the number of members under age 35 by more than 9%.
  • The credit union website, social media, and financial education presentations in schools were the most popular ways to use the content.
  • Satisfaction with social media engagement increased 100% (from 30% pre- pilot to 60% post-pilot) among the reporting credit unions.
Wellesley Sommerfeldt shares how It's a Money Thing helped them to engage with millennials.

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