Operations Insights

Understanding how to implement organizational best practices, leverage operational efficiencies, and foster sustainable growth: these are the main topics that former Filene Fellow Dr. Huggy Rao curated from his work as the thought leader of Filene’s Center for Performance & Operational Excellence. Taken together, this collection of top insights can help credit union leaders improve operational efficiency and effectiveness to grow their credit union in a competitive financial services marketplace.

In the following two sections, find insights for understanding how credit unions can improve knowledge sharing, reduce organizational friction, uncover consistent drivers of asset growth, and recognize the benefits and risks of consolidation.

Operations Insights

Organizational Design

Is your organization firing on all cylinders?

Effective knowledge sharing can make the difference between a “good enough” and a stellar organization. Knowing how organizational friction can be harnessed for good and understanding how to remove bad friction are essential to a well-functioning and productive credit union.

Review insights from Dr. Huggy Rao and related tools that will help you achieve excellence in organizational design and execution.

Strategies for Growth

What are the proven drivers of growth for credit unions?

All credit unions want to grow, but what is the best approach your organization should take? This collection identifies key levers to sustainable credit union growth including mergers and acquisitions, business services, and marketing analytics.

Review insights from Dr. Huggy Rao and related tools that will help you develop an effective growth strategy.

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