Network: Building your Future through Infrastructures and Ecosystems

Preparing your organization for the future requires the active creation of partnerships, ecosystems and infrastructures. Review the materials and session recordings from our recent research event to begin creating the ecosystems around you to ensure a competitive differentiation, accelerate speed to market, enable efficiencies, expand reach and drive impactful growth.

Day 1: How do you optimize your technology investments?

Winning the Customer Loyalty Game

Jeff Netzer

Download the presentation deck here.

The New Credit Union Data Stack: Ecosystem-Driven Innovation

Fellow Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero, Chris Myklebust, and Dylan Wyatt

Download the presentation deck here.

Leveraging Community Partnerships for Community Impact

Fellow Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen, Mai Hoang, and Lourdes Zuniga

Download the presentation decks here: Mai Thi Nguyen, Mai Hoang, Lourdes Zuniga.

Day 2: What data are you capturing and how can you use it to set yourself ahead of competitors?

Designing for Trust in Digital Financial Services

Rocio Flores, Taylor Nelms, and Mischa Lumiere

Download the presentation deck here: Taylor Nelms and Rocio Flores.

Navigating New Ecosystems: Why crypto is more than a buzzword

Ben Soppitt, Joe Keller, Erin Kelly, and Gordon Howe

Connecting the Dots: A Conversation with Filene Fellows

Fellows Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen and Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero