Impact Journey: Introduction

You have access to decades of cutting-edge research in Filene's growing archive, but do you know how to use that research to benefit your credit union and your team?


Contact Chris Harper, Senior Director of Membership, to answer any of your questions on this new program built just for you.

Over the next 12 months, we will bring you up to date on our research agenda and activities related to marketing, branding and member experience, and show you how to activate and amplify progress across three big themes facing credit unions today: mining for growth, redefining the credit union value proposition and accelerating digital transformation.

Watch the recording from the informational session below, review the presentation deck to understand what is in store for you and register for your first session to begin your Impact Journey with Filene.

Register for Your Journey

Register for the first session in your Impact Journey focused on mining for growth. Join us October 7 or November 18.

Impact Journey - CMO Introduction