Mining for Growth

We know that credit unions with more satisfied members grow substantially faster. We also know that the credit union member satisfaction advantage is slipping away. Recent reporting shows that the NPS average for banks is now even with credit unions. While there is no one-size fits all solution to improving member experience, there are ways to gain deeper insights into your membership and strategies for your credit union can act on.

Explore our research agenda and activities designed for marketing and experience leaders, and find ways you can activate and amplify progress across your credit union.

Research Insights

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 1
Explore two effective strategies from Filene Fellow Dennis Campbell's research series on member experience and service excellence.

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 2
Understand how your credit union can make use of member experience data and focus on member compatibility to improve member satisfaction and gain higher asset growth.

Member Experience and Service Excellence, Part 3
Learn directly from credit union leaders on their efforts to distinguish themselves from their competition and strategies for improving your own member experience.

Using Analytics to Meet Member Needs
This report presents a case study of a credit union that used market research methodologies to inform its strategy, grow its membership, and inform its decisions moving forward.

Actionable Tools

Innovation Accelerator Workshop
Take the next step to accelerate yours and your team’s innovation competency with an exclusive one-day virtual and interactive development program centered around Filene’s proven innovation methodology. Sessions begin November 30, 2021.

Empathy Map
Collaborate with your team to gain a deeper insight into your member base. This empathy map is a simple, easy-to-digest visual that captures insights about a user's behaviors and attitudes.

Identify Your Target Member and Align Member-Organizational Compatibility Workshop
Make better-informed choices to improve member compatibility by identifying your target member and match those members with the most compatible offerings using this workshop guide.

Guide to Analytics in Marketing
In addition to the research report, download our market research how-to guide to walk you through effective focus group observations, understanding the hierarchy of effects, and analyzing metadata.

Credit Union Storytelling
Harness the power of storytelling to show the value of your credit union’s impact, one story at a time. Use this collection of tools to increase member engagement, improve brand awareness and connect emotionally through stories of credit union impact.