Impact Journey - Lending and Finance Leaders

As a member of Filene, you have exclusive access to decades of cutting-edge research analyzing the biggest challenges that have faced and continue to face credit unions. Over the next 12 months, we will bring you up to date on our research agenda and activities designed for lending and finance leaders, and show you how to activate and amplify your credit union's progress across three big themes facing credit unions today: redefining the credit union value proposition, mining for growth and accelerating digital transformation.

Impact Journey - Lending and Finance Leaders

Value Proposition

How can the right value proposition grow your balance sheet?

Develop member compatibility and find the right value proposition to grow your balance sheet and member relations.

Join us on April 26 to gain insights and best practices to grow your balance sheet with measurable progress.


How do we strengthen existing business while developing new revenue streams?

Understand what factors drive growth by strengthening existing lines of revenue and developing new income streams.

Session registration links coming soon.

Digital Transformation

How can digital lending help you grow?

With rapidly emerging technologies putting pressure on the traditional credit union business model, it's time to look at alternative options.

Explore new and emerging technology related to digital lending that you can implement to help your credit union grow.

Session registration links coming soon.


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