Value Proposition

Explore the value proposition you want to build for your credit union. Rapidly emerging digital banks are putting pressure on credit unions to differentiate themselves from the market. Credit unions continue to look far and wide for inspiration and lessons that they can out into practice to stay ahead.

Explore our research agenda and activities designed for information and data technology leaders, and see how to activate and amplify progress across your credit union.

Research Insights

Case Study on Analytics Readiness as a Precursor to Creating Value
Follow Kinecta Federal Credit Union's digital transformation journey and how they leveraged data analytics to build a data-driven culture and produce their desired business outcomes.

Fairness and Accountability for Algorithms in Financial Services
Understand the use of consumers’ data in algorithmic credit scoring and the questions and concerns that arise, including the potential for bias and discrimination in algorithmic underwriting.

Using Analytics to Meet Member Needs: A Case Study of Kern Schools FCU
Learn from this case study of how one credit union used market research methodologies to inform its strategy, grow its membership, and inform its decisions moving forward.

The Lessons of Fintech Apps: Design Matters for Personal Finance
Explore lessons from from fintech apps to help improve how your credit union is perceived and help activate a deeper engagement with younger members.

Actionable Tools

Credit Union Team Workshop: Algorithms and Bias
Help your team understand bias, algorithms, and the negative impact of discrimination, while also providing tools for taking ethical steps toward adopting algorithmic processes.

A Guide to Marketing Research
Walk through how to run effective focus groups, understand the hierarchy of effects, and analyze metadata.


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