Apr 11 2014

Women in Leadership: Obstacles and Opportunities

Historically, women in the United States have made significant progress, professionally, to close the compensation gap with men. However, women who want to earn more, do more, and take leading roles at organizations are held back due to various personal, professional, and cultural barriers. Credit unions share a unique connection with issues concerning women and equality considering they too are also the result of a social movement. This report exists to map out how credit unions are supporting women's ascension to leadership positions. 

As the first report from our Credit Union Women in Leadership International Research Series, it identifies existing research that relates to women, leadership, and financial services. Here are a few takeaways that highlight the current state of women leaders in credit unions: 

  • Credit unions in the United States have a higher percentage of female CEOs than other institutions 
  • Most women leaders serve at credit unions smaller than $50 million (M) 
  • In the $100M-$500M tier, about one out of five CEOs is a woman
  • Outside of North America, male CEOs predominate, even in smaller credit unions

Filene thanks our generous supporters for making this important research possible.



Report Number 316