Sep 17 2007

Why Choose a Credit Union? An Ethnographic Study of Member Behaviors


Filene Research Institute is pleased to announce the release of our most recent study Why Choose a Credit Union: An Ethnographic Study of Member Behaviors and the first ever audio interview (or podcast) with the author of the study, Stefanie Norvaisas.

Norviasas, who is director of research at Design Concepts, visted seven credit unions of various asset sizes and fields of membership across the United States. At each credit union, Stefanie and her research team conducted up to a half dozen in-home, in-depth interviews with members and a similar number of in-credit-union interviews with staff members.

Her goal: determine why consumers choose (or don’t choose) a credit union.

Her findings: consumers are extremely complex.

The report provides an overview of the ethnographic research process, insights into strategy and member segmentation opportunities for credit unions. We hope you enjoy the multitude of options available to learn more about this study. You may download the Podcast Here.

Report Number 138