Oct 07 2008

Thriving Large Credit Unions

Why do many large credit unions grow rapidly and thrive, while others produce much slower growth in assets, membership, and earnings? Robert F. Hoel, Colorado State University Emeritus Professor of Business and a Filene Research Fellow, sought to answer that question by analyzing data from a five- year period beginning January 2002. The result is the report, Thriving Large Credit Unions.

The study concludes that star credit unions conduct a number of business practices and traits that distinguish them as exceptional performers:

  • They are highly effective lenders.
  • Their members use the credit union extensively.
  • They excel in high- payoff product and service offerings.
  • Their members receive more total interest income on their savings.
  • They operate more branches and are more likely to engage in indirect lending.
  • They generate more fee income than their peers.
  • They invest their capital in growth.

To view the data for small, medium and large credit unions, please click here to access Hoel’s online appendices.

Report Number 171