Apr 26 2010

Credit Union Social Responsibility: A Sustainability Road Map


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How can credit unions tap into social responsibility? In Credit Union Social Responsibility: A Sustainability Road Map, author Coro Strandberg, a former chair of Vancity Credit Union, uses dozens of compelling examples and financial institution case studies to explain the myriad forms a credit union’s social responsibility can take. As a ROI-driven strategic guide, this report is full of practical implications.

Credit Unions and Social Responsibility: A Sustainability Roadmap from Josey Siegenthaler on Vimeo.

Strandberg outlines a straightforward process for credit unions to place themselves on the sustainability continuum—anywhere from pre- CSR (compliance-focused) all the way to mission- driven CSR, where sustainability suffuses everything the credit union does.

Beyond describing the many facets of sustainability, however, Strandberg calls out ways for individual credit unions to identify and execute their own sustainability priorities. This includes a 10-step plan and relevant case studies for making sustainability improvements, regardless of where you start. The steps include critical how- tos for committing, researching, implementing, reporting, and more.

Report Number 207