Aug 30 2016

Sponsoring the Credit Union Leaders of Tomorrow

In its simplest form, the sponsor–protégé. relationship is beneficial for both parties, with sponsor CEOs being afforded an opportunity to cultivate talent and protégé's receiving invaluable on‑the-ground experience. For any aspiring credit union CEO, having an early-career sponsor will open doors and, more importantly, create the framework for effective leadership. Through a series of interviews with current and recently retired credit union CEOs who have groomed and “produced” other noteworthy leaders we have identified valuable and replicable leadership philosophies, practices, and strategies.

The key areas of exploration in this report include:

→ The sponsor–protégé relationship. How do sponsor leaders identify talent to groom and develop as the credit union leaders of tomorrow?

→ Responsibility rotation. How do sponsor leaders go about exposing subordinates to critical credit union roles that can help them eventually become CEOs themselves?

→ Culture replication. How have protégés adapted to their roles as CEOs? Is there anything unique being done at their organizations to replicate the culture of the sponsor leader?

It’s time to pay it forward.

Report Number 413