Sep 05 2013

Speaking of Change: A Selection of Speeches and Articles from Edward A. Filene

Earlier this week, our namesake and credit union pioneer, Edward A. Filene, turned 153 years old. In honor of this significant day, we’re dusting off the adapted version of Mr. Filene’s original manuscript Speaking of Change that we published in 2008.

Mr. Filene was generally recognized, even by those who disagreed with him, as an important influence not only in the economic but in the political, social and spiritual thought of the period of human history in which he lived.

This collection of Mr. Filene’s speeches and articles provides an opportunity to explore the mind of one of America’s most profound thought leaders and businessmen. The ideas presented, whether social or economic, are enduring. They invite the reader to reflect on the chronic need for change and create an appreciation for Mr. Filene’s famous quote:

“Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better.”