Jan 01 2002

Small Credit Union Data Processors: Survey Results


This is a non-technical survey of consumer satisfaction with major suppliers of data processing services to smaller credit unions. It provides credit unions with the background they need to ask key questions as they confer and negotiate with data processing vendors.

The business relationship a credit union forges in today’s environment with its data processor is a key to the credit union’s success. Limited resources create significant challenges for smaller credit unions in meeting the technology demands related to core services and connectivity.

In an effort to help small credit unions meet these challenges, the Filene Research Institute and the Center for Credit Union Innovation (CCUI) have published, Small Credit Union Data Processors: Survey Results. This special report is designed to assist in evaluating the capabilities and satisfaction levels of major vendors of data processing services. The report shows credit union perceptions of the capabilities of firms providing core data processing services to small credit unions. It also includes credit union ratings of connectivity, service, support, technology, and affordability.

Report Number 74