Mar 14 2017

Scaling Up Excellence

Spreading excellence is a key step toward effective scaling, and scaling is increasingly vital to credit unions’ sustainability and success. Using expert tips and concepts from Sutton and Rao’s book Scaling Up Excellence, this report approaches these ideas from a credit union perspective to provide actionable insights that leaders can begin using today.

Andrew Downin
Andrew Downin
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Vantage West Credit Union
Report Number 427

Executive Summary

Throughout your credit union, there are departments, branches, and staff that are quietly and competently creating and delivering excellence. What could your credit union achieve if you could pinpoint those sources of excellence and replicate them throughout your organization? According to Robert Sutton and Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao, this question torments every organization leader, who describe it as the biggest obstacle to building a customer-focused organization. Spreading excellence is a key step toward effective scaling, and scaling is increasingly vital to credit unions’ sustainability and success. The topic of sustainability is, of course, critically important to credit unions and one that Filene is working to address through our new Center for Performance and Operational Excellence, which is headed up by Filene Fellow Huggy Rao.