Apr 18 2008

P2P Lending


Peer to Peer Lending Update and Regulatory Concerns provides an updated look at this budding industry and its impact on financial services. The author, Andrew Verstein, is a JD candidate at Yale Law School. Verstein:

  • Describes the major players in the industry.
  • Explains the economic and consumer value of P2P.
  • Explores the legal issues with which a P2P lending service must contend.

Verstein is part of Filene’s new iniative to fund research activity of students interested in the credit union movement. Encouraging this area of study is important to a wide variety of audiences, including the academic community, credit unions, and the Filene Research Institute. We aim to achieve a number of goals with this new program, including:

  • Introducing future academic and business leaders to credit unions.
  • Contributing to the study of questions germane to credit unions.
  • Providing an outlet for fresh ideas in the consumer finance domain.

Meet the panel of PhD candidates.

Report Number 154