Aug 30 2016

Leadership Coaching Opportunities for Credit Unions

As credit unions become more complex, the demand for stronger leaders is real. It is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert with long tenure. Credit union executives and managers must coach, inspire, and lead. In order to build strong cultures, provide more value to our members, and develop thriving teams, people leaders need resources, guidance, and coaching to understand how best to drive positive change.

In this report we explore leadership, leadership coaching, and the value of investing in and growing leaders for credit unions. We explore:

→ Coaching models and the coaching process.

→ Coaching culture and how it can impact an organization.

→ Vertex, a virtual coaching program designed specifically for credit unions.

This research will help you assess your readiness to begin developing your leaders through coaching and determine which coaching approach is best for your credit union.

Report Number 410