Jan 01 2002

Human Resource Testing: What Credit Unions Should Know


Professor Barrick uses the latest research on employee selection tools to provide a guidebook for credit unions to increase employee performance and to retain the employees they want to keep. His research finds that most credit unions rely on unstructured personal interviews, application forms, and resumes that are relatively weak predictors of the success of new job applicants.

In this report he describes and evaluates other selection tools including intelligence tests, personality tests, math ability tests, honesty tests, highly structured interviews, and turnover tests. He shows how they can be used by credit unions and why they are better predictors of success than tools that are now used more frequently. His analysis covers selection tools for entry level hiring and also additional tools specific for the selection of managers.

Murray Barrick, PhD
Robertson Chair in Business at the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, and executive director of the Center for Human Resource Management
Report Number 75