Aug 14 2014

Future of Design Colloquium


Earlier this spring, Filene hosted The Future of Design Colloquium in Austin, Texas. The event highlighted the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, the importance of brand identity, and the significance of consumer engagement. Leaders from a multitude of industries, including financial services, discussed why design thinking should be injected into all organizations. 

The presenters included: 

  • Drew Miller - frog design inc. 
  • Ryan Hovenweep - thirteen23
  • Mohammad Khalil - Moven
  • Andy Wright - Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union 
  • Toby Sterrett - Simple 

Many of the presentations focused on how organizations can pair user insights with business development processes. In order to create meaningful products and services, gleaning user feedback is essential. More and more credit unions are exploring opportunities to enhance the member experience across all channels. Design thinking teaches us to polish the loose ends that are critical to keeping members engaged.  This report gives tangible examples of how design thinking is being deployed both in and outside of consumer finance. 

Filene thanks our generous supporters for making this important research possible.  

Report Number 338