Feb 27 2008

Financially High-Performing Credit Unions


Credit unions have many yardsticks against which to measure success, and one standard industry benchmark is financial performance against “high-performing” credit unions.

The challenge is that what exactly “high-performing” means can vary amid the wide variety of sizes and types of credit unions in the marketplace. How can a credit union measure success when industry averages simply aren’t useful as comparison?

The study outlines a methodology and approach designed to enable credit union management teams to assess financial performance in meaningful ways. In the report, Sollenberger answers the following research questions:

1. What constitutes “high performance” compared with others?

2. How do you measure your institution?

3. Against what institutions do you measure your credit union?

Click here to download the extended companion whitepaper which delves into more detail than the final report below. This will be particular interesting to those with a financial background (i.e. those who love numbers will love this version!) .

Report Number 147