Jul 06 2007

Filene Executive Reports: 10 Research Findings with Strategic Implications for Credit Unions


In the fast-paced world of business, time constraints often make it impossible for executives to read and digest the wealth of information that is available. Each year, thousands of academics, consultants, and other experts publish their findings in general and specialized publications. Most individuals find time to read only a small fraction of those reports. In light of this, the Filene Research Institute’s members asked us to cull the most relevant academic research for credit unions and summarize the most salient points in what we’re calling Filene Executive Report: 10 Research Findings with Strategic Implications for Credit Unions.

Authors Dave Smith and Karen P. Goncalves of Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, summarize the latest research in the areas of strategy and marketing. They report on cutting-edge thinking in the specific areas of Web-based communication, segmentation modeling, strategic collaboration, the elements of successful consumer interactions, and questioning conventional wisdom, among others.

Sample chapter titles from the publication include:

  • “The Effect of Automated Service Quality on Bank Financial Performance and the Mediating Role of Customer Retention”
  • “Realizing the Promise of E-Business: Developing and Leveraging Electronic Partnering Options”
  • “Linking Employee Confidence to Performance: A Study of Self-Managing Service Teams”
  • “Curveball: Strategies to Fool the Competition”
Report Number 134