Nov 16 2018

Ethical and Legal Concerns of Using Artificial Intelligence

Many credit unions already use AI–based technology, and that number is growing. This report provides an introduction for credit unions wanting to better understand AI and the ethical and legal concerns that arise from its use.

Chandra Middleton
PhD Candidate
University of California, Irvine
Report Number 462

Executive Summary

As of 2018, nearly one in five US residents has access to a smart speaker, those AI- driven, voice- activated devices that act as personal assistants. We marvel at the capabilities this technology provides, as evidenced by thousands of online videos on the subject. A few of these videos even voice caution and alert us to potential risks to our privacy and safety. And these are valid considerations; wouldn’t you want to know how your personal information—what you buy, who you interact with, and what you talk about—is kept secure and that it does not compromise you in some way? And the potential risks extend beyond data security into the realms of ethics and law.


In addition to the full research report, download our infographic to answer the burning questions to help your credit union consider how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be incorporated into your business model.