Jan 30 2019

Domestic Violence Recovery (DVR) Loan Program - Year Three Report

Survivors of domestic violence face unique financial challenges. This report provides an update on the Domestic Violence Recovery Loan program. While the current iteration of the program may not be financially sustainable for credit unions at scale, it has identified a crucial need for a particularly vulnerable population.

Adrienne Adams
Adrienne Adams
Associate Professor
Michigan State University
Report Number 465

Executive Summary

The Domestic Violence Recovery (DVR) Loan program launched in 2014 through the collaboration of six organizations serving domestic violence (DV) survivors in a tri-county area of mid-Michigan, the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU), and Adrienne Adams, the principal investigator. This program set out to devise a loan product to meet the needs of DV survivors, especially the need for immediate social and financial support after separating from an abusive partner.


Filene Fill-In Ep. 43: Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program—Research vs. In-Practice

In addition to the full report, we unpack the research that built the DVR loan program and how it works in practice in this podcast.