Nov 30 2010

Discover: A Guide to Identifying Innovation Opportunities


Filene is accustomed to bringing you fish that we’ve caught. We also want to help you fish for yourself. Discover: A Guide to Identifying Innovation Opportunities is the first in a four-part Innovation series to deliver timely, insightful information about the practice of innovation from the worlds of business and academia.

This issue addresses the often overwhelming first step in the innovation process—discover. The accompanying articles were hand selected from credible sources like Forbes and Harvard Business School to offer outside perspectives for bringing innovation into your credit union. Building the innovation competency- moving from a one-time event to an organizational capability- can take practice and focus.

Additionally, we encourage you to download the Discovery Worksheet. This action-oriented worksheet is full of thought-starters that can promote innovative thinking at your next team meeting.

Articles included in this issue:

  • “The Art of Looking”
  • “Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation”
  • “A Diagnostic for Disruptive Innovation”
  • “The Discipline of Innovation”
  • “Four Ways of Seeing That Set True Innovations Apart”

View Denise Gabel’s live discussion of the report at:

Part One Ustream

Part Two Ustream

Report Number 226