Jul 19 2012

Credit Union Development Education: What Is It All About?


What goes on at the weeklong Credit Union Development Education Program (DE) is a bit of a mystery to many in the credit union system. And that’s just the way Bob Schumacher likes it.

A senior consultant for the Paragon Group (a strategic consultancy in the Seattle area), a longtime credit union advocate, and one of the facilitators of the April 2012 DE session, Schumacher thinks it’s better if participants don’t know too much going in: “We purposely don’t promote the agenda or program materials ahead of time. We want this to be an intense, 24/7 experience that takes participants out of their comfort zone—we want them to trust the process.”

This report explores the program and the case studies delivered by the attendees during the Spring 2012 meeting.

Most sessions have a waiting list and many of this year’s participants had tried to attend an earlier session. More than 1,000 people have completed the program in its 30-year history.

Report Number 276