Jul 14 2014

Design Thinking and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: UW Design Summit III


Design thinking is a methodology that applies cross-disciplinary collaboration, creativity, and ideation to any problem. It is a set of tools that puts people at the center of design and development. Credit unions have begun to leverage design thinking to strengthen their problem-solving processes. 

Recently the University of Wisconsin-Madison held its third annual Design Summit, a forum supported by Filene that showcased the impact design thinking has had on various companies and industries across the world. The Design Summit hosted experts from the following organizations and institutions, among others: 

  • Trek
  • Kohler 
  • Stanford University 
  • University of Wisconsin 

The summit encouraged credit unions to utilize design to tackle issues germane to consumer finance. After all, creativity is a key ingredient of product ideation. Why not explore non-traditional solutions for ongoing challenges and issues? Moreover, collaboration, both internally and externally, will give multiple stakeholders a seat at the decision making table. To that end, searching for input from a variety of sources can help deliver creative solutions for difficult problems. 

Staying ahead of members involves ideation and collaboration, but it will require extensive prototyping to determine if ideas are ready for prime time. This report will help credit unions realize the power of design thinking and how innovation is the key to long-term success. 

Report Number 330