Mar 03 2011

Selling the Credit Union Difference: Large-Scale Credit Union Branding


Credit union groups, especially statewide organizations, have a keen interest in publicizing the benefits of credit unions. But, what kind of information will entice consumers to join credit unions? Rather than taking a stab at marketing the credit union difference based on a vague sense of what appeals to consumers, this research sought first to verify messages with actual consumers and fine-tune the output before the outside world could see. The result: A campaign designed to sell consumers on tangible credit union benefits.

This project, driven by the market strategy firm Attune, represents a collaboration among the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues and the Filene Research Institute. Although the messages in these pages are designed with the specific goal of widening consumers’ consideration set to include credit unions, the process itself is a valuable template for credit union marketers. Submitting your own brand to the kind of analysis modeled here will (and should) change the way you talk about your credit union.

Credit union marketing needs more rigor. This report shows how to get there. This specific project was testing for overall appeal instead of trying to draw consumers to a specific product or institution. Nevertheless, all of the ads, slogans, and artwork tested in this project had to show movement on at least one (and preferably more) of three criteria. Does it: • Catch your attention? • Motivate you to find out more? • Convince you to join a credit union?

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Report Number 229