Oct 26 2020

Critical Communication: Marketing Strategies & Resources to Support Members and Sustain Business


This curated list of Filene research reports examines strategies, insights and actionable plans for marketing professionals to succeed in their organizational goals. 

Report Number 523

Executive Summary

There is a lot of pressure on credit union marketing teams in today’s competitive landscape. The nature of credit unions’ work means marketers need to balance the “head and heart” of the organization– ensuring that mission and margin are both at the core of strategic plans.

Why these research reports?

Your credit union’s impact stands to grow bigger, reach further and improve more members’ lives if you do your marketing right. The following insights, statistics and actionable strategies are drawn from a curated collection of Filene’s more than 500 research reports to help marketing professionals serve the purpose of helping people while sustaining the business.

What are the credit union implications? 

This collection of reports will highlight marketing themes including: 

  • Research and strategy 
  • Best practices for value co-creation, generational marketing and marketing technology 
  • Building and maintaining brand loyalty

Filene Research Institute has published nearly 500 research reports over three decades. The archive is both deep and wide. Single studies give us important data points about a given phenomenon. Putting multiple studies into conversation, however, allows us to connect the dots, corroborate our findings, and track trends over time. So, as we revisit Filene’s archive, we are assembling curated collections of research reports on selected topics, providing you with a more comprehensive and strategic overview and giving you the resources that you need to make evidence-based business decisions. If one study offers a window onto what’s happening in the world, these collections will give you a foundation on which to build the whole house.