Oct 13 2009

Credit Card Availability, Interest Rates, and Usage in 2005-2009


Credit Card Availability, Interest Rates, and Usage in 2005–2009 is the fourth report in a series of Consumer Finance Research briefs authored by Mark Meyer of Filene Research and Luis Dopico of Macormetrix. The briefs based on information derived from the Ohio State University’s Consumer Finance Monthly (CFM) survey. Specifically: we explore:

  • General trends in credit card delinquencies, debt volumes, and interest rates over the last two decades.
  • CFM household-level data on availability, interest rates, and usage of credit cards across various sets of consumer characteristics.
  • Credit card availability before and during the current financial crisis.
  • Difficulties in setting (and regulating) credit card interest rates.
  • Key strategic implications for credit unions.
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer
President + CEO
Filene Research Institute
Report Number 196